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All About Inexpensive Short Term Student Health Insurance

What are Short Term Health Insurances for Students?

As the very name suggests short term student health insurance is a coverage plan that is provided for a stipulated and essentially short time span. All those students who are in need of coverage to meet the necessary requirements for college, or all those students who are a little too grown to be included in their parents plan, the short term student insurance plan is particularly meant to suit them.

Age Requirements for Student Health Insurance

This insurance package accepts only applicants who are between the age group of 17 to 29. Most of the available coverage plans cater for as long as an individual is a student. However, some of the plans do allow the individuals to renew their plans only till the time when they are in need of it.

Time frame for Student Health Insurance

The preliminary coverage plan that an individual selects on can be rather short, in fact it can be as short as just for a month. The maximum period of a coverage plan can be one year at the most. Nonetheless, most of the companies do offer the policy holders a chance to renew the coverage.

Common features

Some of the common features of a Student Health Care Insurance plan are first the individual seeking the insurance is supposed to fill out the form. In case the form is filled online and the amount is paid using a credit card, the person may be lucky enough to get covered from the very next day provided that they are physically in the best of shape. Some of the other ways in which one can purchase such a plan is through mail or over the phone. But then one thing that should be remembered is most of these plans do not cover any of the pre-existing conditions.

The student health care insurance plans in general cover all those areas that are covered by normal health insurance plans. This is an indemnity plan which gives the individual to choose the hospital or medical practitioner of his own choice.

Size and dimension of the plan

The student health care insurance coverages generally have a maximum lifetime amount of $1,000,000. This is an amount that is more than enough to cover any kind of medical complications. For such an amount the deductibles may range for, $250 to $10,000.

Experts view about the Student Health Care Insurance Plans

It is always good to look for a plan that makes an offer of a warranted and renewable option. So even if the student by chance meets a medical emergency or falls sick for some reason while he or she is being covered by the plan, the insurance company is bound by law to renew the coverage policy. This is eligible as long as the individual was still a student for 31 days from the date of effect of the student health care policy. This precise characteristic makes the policies all the more lucrative and handy for the students.

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