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Student Health Insurance Explained

Student medical cover is a kind of personal medical cover designed specifically for people studying at university or college. Usually, students will be over 18 or older and no longer covered by any medical insurance plan held by their parents. Cover can be low cost and restricted in the scope of terms, or more expensive and comprehensive.


Student medical cover is often considered as non essential because some universities, colleges and higher education establishments have their own medical clinics and facilities. However, this is not always the case, and in any event, the medical care provided may be insufficient and not appropriate for all students requirements.

There is also the idea which argues that since students are mostly young, they are less likely to be affected by the onset of illness and are therefore far less in need of medical cover. Although there is some merit, statistically, in the correlation between age and ill-health, youth does not provide an iron clad assurance against falling ill. In any event, not all students are young.

A further dynamic making the case for student medical cover is student lifestyle. This is not to say that all students indulge to excess but a combination of late nights, work pressure, parties, excessive drinking, takeaway food, promiscuity and the use of recreational drugs can all take a deep toll on the physical and mental health of students. Bodies exposed to this way of life can become host to numerous diseases and viruses, ultimately leading to acute medical conditions.

Should the worst come to pass through extreme living or not, a student medical insurance plan can provide the essential procedure quickly rather than having to rely on the NHS in the UK, or any state provided medical treatment abroad.


Overseas students studying at a UK university or college for courses lasting 6 months or more are automatically entitled to subsidized health and medical treatment on the NHS. However, there are charges for things like prescription drugs, eye and dental care.

Students studying a course which lasts for less than 6 months are still entitled to subsidized NHS care, but only if they are from an EEC member state, or from a country that has a joint medical treatment agreement with the UK. In both these cases. Student medical cover is needed if one does not wish to rely on the overstretched resources of the NHS. In this instance, student health cover will provide many things not provided by the NHS, along with a host of other advantages for your peace of mind.


Particularly in the case of UK students studying abroad, student healthcare cover can be crucial where state medical treatment is insufficient or prohibitively expensive.

Student medical cover is mostly necessary when students are planning to study abroad. If a student is provided for on his or her parents medical insurance plan, it may not be the case that the cover will extend to overseas study. It is therefore worth checking any plan to see if such cover is built-in. If not, see if arrangements can be made for the expansion of cover. Otherwise, a separate student medical plan can provide the needed level of cover whilst studying abroad.

Aside from covering against ill-health, international student medical cover very often covers other travel associated conditions.

There are usually advantages to purchasing separate student medical cover. Primarily, a student will have access to fast, superior level treatment and can choose his or her own specialists and doctors without being restricted to the doctors that a college may provide as a part its medical treatment policy, if indeed it has one.


As with any medical scheme, student medical insurance is really no different when it comes to selecting the appropriate policy at the appropriate price from the appropriate company for your exact medical needs. The internet has made the selection process relatively quick and straightforward. Cost comparison websites provide almost instant comparisons of the various student medical plans on offer in the market.

Lots of providers that specialize in providing student medical cover provide discounts on prescription drugs, eye care, dental and other health services.

It is well worth investiing the time to explore the numerous types of policies, options and rates to get the finest possible student cover at a price which is reasonable. If you do not have the time or the inclination to do your inquiries online, then employing the expertise of an insurance adviser to search the marketplace is always a different option.

Before filling out an application form for any scheme, you initially need to think about exactly what your particular needs are and what options you would prefer cover to include.

Getting yourself covered with an appropriate policy is very often never first on the catalog of a students priorities. You may be under the apprehension that you are already provided for on a parents plan, or be subscribing to the "it will not happen to me" ethos. You may indeed be covered, and it may never happen to you. Then again, you might not be covered and it may well happen to you.

The safest policy is financial protection against the risk of injury and illness. Student medical insurance will provide comfort and peace of mind to both you and your parents.

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